ITIC Program Information

Internet Ticket Locate Request

ITIC is a cutting edge software application for filing locate requests. It will allow you to:

- Enter pertinent ticket information
- Determine the extent of your utility notification area by drawing a polygon around your excavation site with the help of our advanced mapping tools
- receive a list of all utilities affected in your excavation area (who are notified within minutes of your entry of the ticket information)
- Receive your ticket number with a click of a button!

What are the benefits of using ITIC?

- You will be able to file locate requests anywhere you have an internet hookup
- Now you are in control of mapping your own excavation area
- As fast as you type in your information is as fast as you can receive your requests in a timely manner
- Easy to learn, easy to file - every employee has the opportunity to take a training class from our ITIC Training Specialists
- Options to view, retransmit and print a ticket are available at any time of the day or week!
- This is a FREE service offered by Kansas One-Call

How do I signup to start using ITIC?

In order to start using the ITIC System, you must register by going to, click on "Register Now" and complete the form.